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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

On the 11th March 2019, I travelled to Greater Manchester, UK to complete two shoots back-to-back with two separate sitters. We'd been in contact for months as all three of us had been trying to co-ordinate our schedules so we were all free on the same day. This was so I could shoot both sitters in a single day instead of making multiple trips to Manchester, UK.

Made easier as Samuel and Anthony are close friends who had previously lived together and arranged a day for the photoshoot among themselves that would mutually and practically work for all parties involved. I actually got in contact with Samuel through messaging Anthony, he sent me a link to Samuel's Instagram profile and told me to contact him. Stating Samuel is a lover of all things queer and topical within the LGBTQ community and that he would find my project fascinating. Anthony was right, Samuel loved the idea and immediately wanted to be involved.  

@samuelsayshi by James Richards©, 2019.

I met Samuel in the Northern Quarter in Greater Manchester, UK where we proceeded to his apartment. We discussed the project at length and in-depth, I could tell he was genuinely interested in the work I was producing and the deeper social message addressing the growing judgemental nature and hidden toxicity of social media and how the LGBTQ+ community interact with each other online. Samuel completely understood the project and the message I was trying to communicate. He even admitted himself -

"I have a love hate relationship with Instagram and I hate that I secretly love it. I can waste hours just scrolling looking at mindless content. It's addictive and you don't even realise. Then before you know it hours have past by!!". - Samuel, 2019.

The photoshoot consisted of shooting 35mm, 120mm and Polaroid. This was my first attempt at shooting medium format and found the experience to be much longer and more intimate. We also shot polaroids as I always do with sitters now, as this acts as a physical memento they get to keep as a gift and a physical representation of our time together. I enjoyed the few hours spent with Samuel and we spoke openly and honestly between shots about multiple queer related topics. I learnt he loves the singers Kim Petras and Sky Ferreira, he's a Leo and he's taking part in a charity run to raise money for Trans Youth in Greater Manchester.

@samuelsayshi Polaroid by James Richards©, 2019.

Models Instagram - @samuelsayshi

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