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QR Code for Exhibition?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

After the final test exhibition for the project, I had the opportunity for one-to-one feedback with Richard Higginbottom. We looked through the feedback left by my peers during the review session, one of the important questions I asked my peers to answer or give feedback on was should I include a QR code for the final exhibition? 

@ethan_johnson QR code.

The reason I asked this question was because I wanted to somehow include a link to social media in the exhibition in an interactive fashion that the viewer can engage in themselves. Allowing the viewer to see the private and intimate side of Ethan displayed on the exhibition walls, against the online version they'll be able to see on their phones by scanning the QR code to his Instagram. One version is more natural and unguarded, the other an exaggerated facet of his personality he is able to capture online. Both versions are Ethan.

The only difference between the two is the situation and context. As individuals we all create different versions of ourselves depending on the situation or environment we're in. For example, imagine if you will the following situations. We all act differently in our places of work opposed to the way we act with our social group of friends, yes? This is because we know certain situations require use to act and behave a certain way. This is the same with real-life and social media, we are able to act or present ourselves anyway we choose online as it's our way of authoring ourselves for other people to see. Allowing us a form of freedom and expression that we may not feel we posses in our day-to-day lives.

@ethan_johnson by James Richards©, 2018.

Model Instagram - @ethan_johnson

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Richard Higginbottom Instagram - @richhigginbottom

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