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Published in Source Magazine: Spring 2019.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

In early March my tutor at The University of Huddersfield, UK emailed me and a select group of peers, stating that the university had been offered a page in the upcoming issue of Source Magazine. The purpose of the page was to promote the upcoming graduate exhibition of the BA (Hons) Photography graduating years of 2018/19.

Source: Spring Issue 2019© by Source Magazine™, 2019.

My tutors Richard Mulhearn and Liam Devlin asked me to submit some photographs from my current project which they could potentially use for the advertising space. Therefore, I sent two portraits both of Ethan, not really expecting that I would be lucky enough to be picked to represent the course in a respected photography magazine. Part of me while writing this and looking at it on the page in front of me it still feels surreal like it shouldn't have been me that was picked BUT it was!!

@ethan_johnson by James Richards© in Source Magazine™: Issue #097, 2019.

Then I got the fantastic news from Mulhearn that they had selected my portrait of Ethan in the white polo shirt to be used in the publication. This was an exciting milestone for myself as it is the first time I have ever had or seen any of my photographs published in print!! My very own copy arrived a few days ago and it was an exciting feeling to witness my work within the pages of a magazine featured next to the work of professional photographers. This is a feeling and experience I hope to be able to repeat again with other publications in my career as a photographer.

@ethan_johnson by James Richards© in Source Magazine™: Issue #097, 2019.

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