• James Clive Richards

Offspring PhotoMeet 2019📷.

Following the announcement of the three recipients of the APHE (Association for Photography in Higher Education) 2019 Bursary Award of which I was one. Travel plans to and from London, UK for Offspring Photo Meet were made. During which, I would meet eight photographic portfolio reviewers to offer feedback on my current photography portfolio.

Offspring Photo Meet offers an amazing opportunity for photographers from all over the world to come together and share their love, experience and expertise within the field of photography. Although, an amazing opportunity I was morally torn as I knew winning the opportunity to attend Photo Meet 2019 was a huge milestone in my professional career which was still taking it's formative steps. However the start date of Offspring Photo Meet 2019 clashed with the opening night of my final year graduate exhibition!! It would be impossible to attend both. 

Portfolio Reviews (8th June), Offspring Photo Meet©, 2019.

Ultimately, I made the difficult decision to miss my own graduate exhibition to attend Offspring Photo Meet 2019 in London, UK on Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June. It was an amazing experience as I spent two days attending portfolio reviews (including Dimitri Beck, Emanuela Mirabelli, Frédérique Destribats, Gerry Brakus, Mariama Attah, Rachel Louise Brown, Simon Bainbridge and Zelda Cheatle), amazing guest speakers such as Chloe Dewe Mathews and finally just interacting and speaking with other photographers all at varies points and stages of our careers. It had an amazing and inclusive atmosphere where even if you were a new face to the event (such as me) or a returning regular everyone was made to feel welcome and included.

Promo Poster, Offspring Photo Meet, 2019.

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