• James Clive Richards

M.A.D: Mad About Depop Magazine (July 2020)👢.

On March 13th 2020 (a mere 7 days before the first COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom) I participated in photographing a collaborative queer inspired fashion based editorial organised by stylist Amelia Brownhill. The editorial which would later go on to be picked up and featured within the very first debut issue of M.A.D (Mad About Depop) took place at the Gage Gallery, Sheffield.

The inspiration for the fashion editorial was centred around both queer fashion trend/aesthetics and the growing use of recycled/pre-owned fashion with some of the garments and accessories being sourced for the editorial from Depop through the seller Selena Williams who has a following on the fashion based selling platform of over forty-one thousand. The editorial was photographed exclusively using both 35mm and medium format film photography; Amelia Brownhill sourced me specifically for the photoshoot knowing I aesthetically favour working and photographing on film formats.

M.A.D: Queer Editorial, James Richards©, 2020.

The editorial consisted of eight different looks (four outfits per model). This creative project was a milestone both personally and creatively as the queer inspired fashion based project orgnised and conceptulised by Amelia for her portfolio. However, the entire team was involved with the creative process and all felt safe and comfortable within the collaborative environment to offer ideas and suggestions to help enrich the photographic outcomes.

In April 2022 Selena was approached by Olivia Tuffrey the founder and editor-in-chief of M.A.D (Mad About Depop) to do an interview about her Depop store and thoughts on sustainable fashion. Following the interview is when I was contacted asking for my permission for the photographs from the editorial to be featured in the first published issue of M.A.D (Mad About Depop) alongside Selena's interview. The first issue of M.A.D (Mad About Depop) was released online and inprint containing the fashion editorial in July 2022.

M.A.D: Issue 1, Mad About Doin'©, 2020.

(Mad About Depop was rebranded to Mad About Doin' in 2021).

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