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Home by Matt Lambert.

Matt Lambert is a Berlin based photographer who through a collaboration with the gay dating app Grindr published a collection of stunning and intimate portraits in his 2017 publication Home.

Home is a phonebook I discovered while conducting research for my own project. I stumbled across an interview Lambert had done in 2016 with Dazed & Confused for Dazed Digital. This was discovered completely by accident while scrolling through articles on the Dazed and Confused website.

Home by Matt Lambert©, 2017.

The main subject explored by Lambert through the work documented within Home was the notion of "a safe space". This message being especially poignant after the tragedy and violation of not only LGBTQ+ rights but human rights in the mass shooting at Orlando gay bar Pulse on 12th June 2016. 

This utterly shocked and altered the LGBTQ+ community not just in the USA but the aftermath was felt around the world. People not feeling safe to go to the very bars and clubs which had been created purely for the intention to be "a safe space" for individual expression. Allowing the LGBTQ+ community sanctuaries where they are free to express themselves openly and without fear of judgement or prejudice from the outside. The Orlando attack violated the message of these "safe spaces".

Home by Matt Lambert©, 2017.

Lambert was approached and commissioned by Landis Smithers the Creative Director of gay dating app Grindr. Smithers wanted Lambert to shoot a series of work which would be a beautiful and heartwarming retaliation to the mindlessness and brutally of the Orlando 2016 attack.

“Matt and I were speaking about it and I asked him if he could, on his travels, take time to find the new frontier in safe spaces. We both agreed that the term itself perhaps had no real meaning in today’s age, even before the tragedy. But that perhaps the concept could be found in new ways, by a new generation. Matt said he felt those spaces were virtual now, or constructs of a much larger, much more fluid, and perhaps more inventive global community". - Landis Smithers, 2016.

With this realisation in mind Lambert reached out to users of Grindr, Facebook and Instagram asking them to pose for his series. So the models within Home are not professional models at all, they are simply average users of social media that Lambert reached out to collaborate with. The resulting body of work is a collection of intimate and unguarded portraits as Lambert created "a safe space" while shooting his subjects.

Matt Lambert Website -

Matt Lambert Instagram - @dielamb

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