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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

During the Christmas break from my studies at The University of Huddersfield, UK. I spent the past week or so thinking about the project and it's current and intended direction. What is it I want to say or address and even more importantly how do I communicate it effectively?!  

Unable to shoot as everyone was busy with their family and friends during the Christmas period, I decided to sit with my sketchbook and just see what my turmoil of emotions surrounding the project would create.

Dies ist die falsche Generation für Menschen mit gutem Herzen by James Richards©, 2018.

"The Japanese say we have three faces. The first face, we show to the world. The second face, we show to our close friends, and our family. The third face, we never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who we are". - Japanese Proverb.  

These two sketches were done with this quote in the forefront of my mind. Highlighting that to varying degrees in our day-to-day lives we are performers. Performing different roles and characters depending on our situation and environment. Almost, like we use them to adapt and cope with certain scenarios?

Du weißt nie was jemand wirklich denkt by James Richards©, 2018.

I've been thinking of this saying a lot recently. Especially when reading and analysing the performative nature of social media. Is our online "self" the real us, a persona or an exaggeration of our personalities etc.

Do we divide our personalities into these three very separate categories as stated by the Japanese phrase? If so why do we feel the need to present an altered version opposed to the authentic?

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