• James Clive Richards

FEVER Collection💘.

During the summer of 2016 (June 2016 - September 2016), I was hired as a retoucher by R. H. Smith & Sons. This took place to gain valuable experience and knowledge, before beginning my photography studies at The University of Huddersfield, UK. I'd previously done voluntary retouching placements at R.H.Smith & Sons for intervals of two weeks as and when required - leading up to the summer of 2016, when I was hired as a full-time retoucher. During my time there I worked in close liaison with there in-house retouching team learning a range of professional standard retouching techniques.

Pastel Pink Fever Mia Wig, R.H.Smith & Sons©, 2017.

While there I learning new retouching techniques by shadowing professional retouchers and was offered the opportunity to work on live internal and external project briefs. Retouching images for R. H. Smith & Sons own brands such as: Smiffy's (fancy dress) and the FEVER Collection💘 (luxury fancy dress and lingerie). The resulting images would be used for their product catalogues, online store, promotional brochures, social media etc. Additionally, I retouched upcoming projects from R. H. Smith & Sons clients such as ASDA (UK), Care Bears (INTL), Claire's Accessories (UK), Dunnes Stores (IRE), Love Honey (UK), Morrisons (UK), Tesco (UK) and Walmark (USA).

Fever Collection Website, R.H.Smith & Sons©, 2018.

Recently a member of the R. H. Smith & Sons team contacted me to say some of the high-end images I retouched for their FEVER Collection💘 had been selected and launched online as a product image on the website. This although not a major deal was a proud moment seeing my hours of dedication and practice published online. The reasoning behind approaching R. H. Smith & Sons before beginning my university studies was because I knew retouching and photography are two industries closely entwined, Adobe Photoshop knowledge and editing techniques are essential for any serous photographer.

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