• James Clive Richards


On the 19th September 2018 I was approached by a fashion and lifestyle blogger through the social media Instagram. Chloé after discovering my profile on the social media platform reached out and expressed the interest in shooting together to create content for her Instagram and professional acting/casting headshots.

@chloe_sweetman by James Richards©, 2018.

Chloé stated she was drawn to my work as she enjoyed my mixed use of film and Polaroid photography. Stating she liked the "grain effect" that is produced from shooting with film.

Upon completion of the shoot and once the negatives had been developed and digitally scanned I began the editing exercise of post-production on Adobe Photoshop CC. This process is undertaken to refine the image ready for it to be posted online.

Chloé asked for a "professional retouch". This included; skin retouching and hair retouching.

Models Instagram - @chloe_sweetman

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