• James Clive Richards

APHE 2019 Bursary WINNER🎉.

During my studies at The University of Huddersfield, UK in late April, 2019. I was approached by my course leader and asked to prepare an artist statement of  250 words about Hi ___, how are you? This is a little random., 6 - 8 photographs that best encapsulated the project and finally a small 300 word bio about myself and my studies.   

All these requirements were so the photography course leader could put myself and three peers forward for the APHE (Association for Photography in Higher Education) 2019 Bursary Award. The prize being that the lucky recipients of the award will be offered the exciting opportunity to attend Offspring Photo Meet 2019.

APHE Social Media announcement of 2019 Bursary Winners, APHE©, 2019.

On Saturday 25th May 2019 it was officially confirmed by email that me and my project Hi, ___, how are you? This is a little random. had been selected by a panel of industry professionals to be one of three recipients of the APHE 2019 Bursary Award!! The prize being that I would attend the 2019 addition of Offspring Photo Meet on the 7th & 8th June to meet with eight professional portfolio reviewers who all work or have experience within the photography industry as they offer feedback on my current photography portfolio.

Bursary recipient email, James Richards©, 2019.

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