• James Clive Richards

Amanda Lepore💋 x Bernie Sanders👴🏻 Meme.

On January 22nd, 2021 I was approached by a friend and LA based photographer Josef Jasso via Instagram. Offering me the opportunity to work on a small editing project for Trans model and International Blonde Bombshell, Amanda Lepore, by editing one of his many photographs of the ClubKid icon and close personal friend. This was around the time of the Presidential Inauguration Day in the United States (January 20th, 2021), where the photography of American politician Bernie Sanders sat alone, wearing mittens went viral online over the days that followed. With digital artists and influences editing the image of him sat alone into other scenarios turning the image into a meme.

Amanda Lepore x Bernie Sanders Meme, Josef Jasso©, 2021.

Amanda Lepore wanted her own version of the viral image meme of Bernie Sanders and asked if I could Photoshop it to look as if he was perched on her cleavage. The results where then posted on to Amanda's Instagram and Facebook pages where I was tagged and given credit for the edit. The Meme was also reposted to varies other Instagram accounts the same day it was posted online by Amanda. It was also notably featured on the Instagram stories of some queer news outlets online, such as Gay Times, Attitude Magazine, Out Magazine, Gay Letter, them, Pansy Magazine etc. who all reposted the "Amanda Lepore x Bernie Sanders" meme I edited to their respective Instagram stories lasting twenty-four hours.

Amanda Lepore x Bernie Sanders Meme (Crop), Josef Jasso©, 2021.

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