• James Clive Richards


Recently I've been toying with the idea of a new project. A project that would run simultaneously in the background of Hi ___, how are you? This is a little random. Through discussions about my current project, I discovered a mutual interest from individuals all over the world that identified with my work and its topic. Appealing to queer individuals from all over the world, from a range of social backgrounds and cultures. However, in many cases I am unable to photograph them personally due to our differing geographical locations. 

However, I still wanted to work with them in some capacity. Therefore, I came up with the idea of an open and collaborative queer culture project. Contacting models, photographers, make-up artists, influencers etc. who in some way identify as queer. Requesting they take an original Polaroid portrait of themselves to donate and  send to me in the United Kingdom. I offered to refund all expenses (including film costs and postage costs) so all they need worry about is taking and sending the Polaroid(s). 

@alngreg, Allan Gregorio & James Richards©, 2019.

My justification in choosing Polaroids as the photographic medium is they are physical and tactile photographs/objects that we interact with both visually and physically. This is a rarity in the era of digital photography, smart phones, tablets etc. all contributing to the instant gratification culture of social media and viewing imagery through screens. I was forced to wait for the Polaroids first, to be taken. Second, to arrive in the mail. Adding a sense of suspense and excitement for their arrival. The open and queer collaborative idea is something I've had positive feedback from online and many so far are interested in being involved and donating to.

The first to donate Polaroids was a queer photographer, lover of all things pink and someone I class as a trusted friend Allan Gregorio from Brazil (but who lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). I have never physically met Allan therefore, making him a perfect candidate to be a collaborator on this project. We speak often but our friendship was made and lives exclusively online within social media platforms. He instantly loved the concept and willingly donated a range of Polaroids. Allan is the first to be involved but hopefully by no means the last.

@alngreg, Allan Gregorio & James Richards©, 2019.

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