Gay Culture Photographer // Retoucher

Masters (by Research) Photography student, currently based in the Cheshire and Yorkshire areas as I complete my studies of Art & Design (MA by Research) at The University Of Huddersfield.




Currently undertaking my biggest and most personal project to date -

Hi ___, how are you? This is a little random.


Social media is now presenting us as the ‘ideal’, even more so in the gay community which preach values of peace, love and acceptance. But are the Instagays (gays who are celebrated on social media) merely acting out an exaggerated facet? Or are there invisible lines between their online and offline persona? 


I collaborate with young Instagays sourced online, hoping to tease out the real person behind their celebrated images. Working in their homes, a sacred space where we feel safe to be the most unashamedly authentic. 


However, refusal becomes an intricate part since my invitations are often declined. The blank pictures, as empty portraits, testify such refusal while making the invisible lines between the virtual and the real visible. 


The series extends to the social media by including a QR code. Only by scanning the code, the true criticality of the images will be manifested. Go on, scan it. 




Experienced Retoucher. Retouched past projects for brands such as-

  • R.H.Smith & Sons

  • Tesco

  • ADSA (UK) & WalMart (USA)

  • Morrisons

  • Dunnes (IRE)

  • Smiffys

  • Fever

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