H I    ___,   H O W   A R E   Y O U ?   T H I S   I S   A   L I T T L E   R A N D O M.

Addressing social constructs of how we see others, while also analysing how we see ourselves in relation to others within the modern era of social media. We assume to know people purely from voyeuristically viewing their lives through photographs online and form a fake perception of the individual. 


I wanted to approach young openly homosexual men online and form friendships while shooting together. Speaking openly and candidly with each other, attempting to see and capture the person behind the social media profile not just the online persona. Photographing in the domestic. The domestic is a safe space we all create for ourselves, free from the scrutiny and judgement of the outside world.


Fascinated by this idea of who we are opposed to the version we choose to display to others online. Presenting ourselves to the world the way we want to be seen opposed to the way we may be in actuality. Are we different to our online personas or are we merely creating an exaggerated version of a section of our personalities we dare not use in day-to-day life? Where do we draw the line of “authentic self” and performance?


Or are we always to varying degrees performing in the era of social media?